Where Can I Sell My eBooks Online in Nigeria

Where Can I Sell My eBooks Online in Nigeria

There are great websites to sell eBooks in Nigeria on the internet and make cool money from your work.

The important thing you need to do is to make sure you create great content and then allocate a reasonable selling price for it, simple! The pricing part is completely up to you, of course, you did the work, so you should be the one to decide how much to charge for your work.

In today’s world, technology has made it possible to write and publish a book without the need to scout for book publishers. This method involves a process similar to printing a “hard” book, but without the costs associated with paper and printing.

So if you’re an expert in a certain field then I suggest that you turn that your knowledge into downloadable form by writing ebooks to make a profit. All you need is to put in effort into producing quality content and then come up with a reasonable selling price for it.

eBook revenue were projected to reach a whopping $8 billion per year from 2018. And thus proves that there is plenty of room for an eBook entrepreneur to share in the market.

In this article, I’ve pulled out 10 websites that can help you host and sell your E-book here in Nigeria both free and paid, along with handling the troublesome transaction process for you. The amazing thing about some of these websites is that they even let you keep 70-85% of the sales price.

PayStack Store

Paystack Storefront is a simple, beautiful online store for African creators. Create a simple business website for free, with zero subscription fees, and manage orders on the go on the mobile app. Bringing your business online for the first time? Creating a Storefront is so simple, you can do it all by yourself. And if you need any help, our Customer Success team is only a livechat or phone call away.

FlutterWave Store

Flutterwave Store is quite simply the best and easiest way to launch and manage an e-commerce business that accepts payments from anywhere in the world without creating a website, knowing how to code etc.

Flutterwave Store allows you to upload products, set prices and (in some markets) have our integrated delivery partners pick up when you have an order and deliver to your customer. “Buy Online, Pickup Curbside” store if you like.

Selar Store

Selar is an ecommerce tool creatives & entrepreneurs use to sell their content, products and services across borders without any hassle. It takes just 3 steps and less than 5 mins to unlock the best way to sell online. If it takes longer, feel free to close your account with us forever.

With Selar you get an online store where you can receive payments from anywhere in the world instantly. There’s no subscription fee. We charge only a small transaction fee for successful sales made via Selar.Nigeria 


The all-in-one course platform to help you monetize your knowledge. Everything you need to sell your Online Courses, eBooks, Membership Sites, Coaching programs and Tickets without needing a website or worrying about fancy tech.

It is really easy to use this website to sell E-books in Nigeria. It’s an easy self-publishing platform, Kobocourse lets you publish your E-book in 5 simple steps. Your E-books will be published on the Kobo website for millions of readers. This website charges no fee for creating and publishing E-books, but it does keep a commission on every sale.


Amazon the biggest online store you can easily publish your E-books for free. Of course, you will get huge exposure on Amazon and you will get to keep up to 70% of the total sales price to yourself

Very likely Amazon is the most popular and largest place on the web for selling E-books right now and you can do that here in Nigeria.

As an E-book author, on Amazon you can earn between 35% and 70% royalty for your E-Books sold on the Amazon platform, depending on your location and pricing structure I believe.


This is probably one of the most popular places on the web to sell any type of digital product or service. Fiverr is a great platform to launch your E-book on, in fact, I’ve had some good sales with selling my E-books on Fiverr in the past and I can boldly say that it is a great website to sell E-books in Nigeria.

The website has built-in tools and features that are useful too. You have a complete dashboard for managing your customer communication, orders, and sales.


This is an e-commerce website that offers you to sell any type of downloadable digital material, including E-books. Also, you can create a customizable sales page on Payhip for free and it gives you the tools to sell your product, such as discount coupons, share buttons, affiliate programs, and flexible pricing options. Keep in mind that Payhip will simply keep 5% of all the sales you make, is this not simply amazing? So go straight on and start selling your E-books as this website to sell E-books in Nigeria


This website is a place to sell digital downloads.

This platform gets to keeps things very simple and easy for you. The awesome part about this website is that it does all the hard work of selling them for you.

Amazingly they don’t charge you for sales of your PDF E-books, you only need to pay a monthly fee for hosting your E-books. The fees depend on how many E-books you want to host with E-Junkie. This simple to use platform offers a host of marketing tools, options, and features, including stamping, affiliate tools, sales reports, and more.


Lastly on our list is Nairabookstore, this is an online academic and book interface between authors, publishers, researchers, and the readers, with easy to navigate website that gives flexibility to both authors and readers.

This bookstore has succeeded in matching academics with innovation, which perfectly falls in line with the 21st-century growth for online studies.