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In 6 Weeks Digital Marketing Specialist Become a This intensive Digital Marketing Training Course will guide you through Digital Marketing Strategy & Planning, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Email Marketing, Content Marketing and Display Advertising. Download Course Syllabus

Welcome to Halita Digital Skills Academy

Halita Digital Skills Academy is a trusted digital marketing training institute in Abuja, Nigeria. We focused mainly on imparting quality training in Digital Skills. Our goal is to deliver Practical Oriented Quality Education with real-time projects.

We are a one-of-a-kind institute that solely specialises in imparting digital marketing training, taught by expert digital marketers. We have designed multiple flexible programs to match any learner’s objectives.

Attend our Digital Marketing Training Demo and Experience the Quality of our Training! Call us on 0807185 5559 for discussion.

Halita Digital Skills Academy is a pioneer in digital marketing education in Abuja, Nigeria

Digital Marketing for Job Seekers

Job oriented digital marketing course will make you ready for a job in the digital marketing industry. We have successfully placed many students in reputed companies as digital marketing professionals and marketing managers. We give Placements Assistance.

Halita Digital Skills - Digital Marketing Academy in Abuja

Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs

If you are a business owner or you dream to start your own business venture, with our courses you will learn how to implement a digital marketing strategy customized to your business needs to target the right audience on the internet to increase your business.


Digital Marketing for Online Earning

In today’s digital era we have many entrepreneurs making a fortune online.  We provide exclusive concepts of Google AdSense, Affiliate marketing and freelancing to enable you to make money online. We will give a roadmap towards achieving success online.

Advance Your Career in Digital Marketing

The Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing is an in-depth program that will give you a broad overview of the digital marketing landscape, enable you to develop the most in-demand skills, and help you find your niche in this rapidly expanding field. Our digital marketing courses are designed for students, working professionals, and entrepreneurs to learn and implement the concepts in real-world scenarios.

This Digital Marketing course in Abuja will transform you into a complete digital marketer with expertise in the top eight digital marketing domains — search engine optimization, social media, pay-per-click, conversion optimization, digital analytics, content, mobile, and email marketing. Fast-track your career in digital marketing today with practical training you can apply on the job.

Finally, you will learn about marketing automation and online reputation management. Almost every topic in digital marketing is covered in detail.

After you have completed this digital marketing training program, you will receive a Professional Diploma certificate from Halita Digital Skills Academy stating that you have acquired the skill set of a Digital Marketing Specialist, validating your ability to lead digital marketing efforts in your organization

Digital Marketing Course

Are you are looking for in-depth Digital marketing training with hands-on experience on live projects. We offer the most advanced and practical oriented training for students, working professionals and entrepreneurs to understand the Art of Digital Marketing and apply these strategies in real-time.

Our Digital Marketing Course is designed by our expert digital marketing trainer, who has 9+ years of experience in the field of Digital marketing. Start with a Free Demo.

Web Design with WordPress

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system written in PHP and paired with a MySQL database. Features include a plugin and a template system, referred to within WordPress as Themes.

In this class you will learn to launch your website quickly with the help of a quick WordPress installation guide; create a quality website with a proper assembly of important subpages; install and work with plugins and widgets.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation course is designed to help you understand the concepts of search engine rankings, algorithms and master the secrets of ranking the site on top. This course will consist of both technical & non-technical aspects of SEO implementations.

Our SEO course is divided into 7 modules. We will discuss each concept of SEO implementation with detailed theory and hands-on practicals.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media platform is the most engaging and have billions of active users. Learn how to use social media to create brand awareness and generate leads from social networks. We teach you practical methods of social media marketing and optimization to improve brand awareness and leads for your business.

Our SMM Course covers in-depth concepts of Facebook Marketing, Facebook Advertising, Twitter Marketing, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn Marketing Strategies.

Google Ads Certification

Google Ads course is designed to make you understand and master the paid marketing strategies. Our AdWords course includes PPC, Display Ads, Shopping Ads, Video Ads, Mobile Marketing and Remarketing strategies. All the concepts will be explained on Live with Project.

We are also providing the Google Ads Certification along with the course. Many of our students were able to pass the exam in the first attempt. We teach the concepts of all the six exams in our curriculum.

Email Marketing Course

Welcome to the Email Marketing Course that will teach you the top email marketing strategies that we use to gain thousands of new email subscribers every month, and make you thousands of dollars per year in revenue. 

Too many people just focus on social media these days. But as you’ll see in this module, email marketing has many unique and powerful advantages and why every business should be focussing on building their list.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process where the affiliate partners drive sales to a brand with their marketing efforts for a commission on each acquisition. You will discover different popular affiliate networks, register with them, create affiliate links and start using them on your website.

Simply put, affiliate marketing involves referring a product or service by sharing it on a blog, social media platforms, or website. The affiliate earns a commission each time someone makes a purchase through the unique link.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

Content marketing strategists specialize in creating a plan based on an organization’s goals and the needs of the desired audience. Most content marketing strategists can travel to meet with clients. They can manage other employees or contract personnel.

Online Money Making Course

Digital Marketing provides the way for individuals to start earning money online using various sources. Commonly we use Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing and Freelancing to generate income online. Any individual with a passion for any topic can get started in blogging or niche websites for online revenues.

Our Digital marketing program is suitable for making money online which includes all the important subjects like WordPress, SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing, AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, Freelancing and Analytics.

Who Can Do The Course


A great opportunity for students who have graduated and are looking for a career opportunity that has immense scope.

Professionals looking to hone their skills in Digital Marketing and leverage the same to grow their skill sets.
Freelancers looking for an opportunity to earn passive income.
People working from home looking to add that extra skill that will help them boost their income.
Entrepreneurs starting their business and looking to scale it through Digital Means.

Skills You Will Acquire

How to pitch confidently

Learn how to deliver a killer pitch to your prospect by understanding their requirements and combining 360-degree knowledge of Digital marketing.

Master Digital Analytics

Analytics and statistics are all that matters when you are planning your Digital strategies. Learn the different analytical tools and their importance and keep the right information on your fingertips.

How to become a highly paid influencer

Grow your follower base, increase brand loyalty, network with brands, and learn how you can become a highly paid and a successful influencer.

Become an international Freelancer

Learn how to position yourself as an International freelancer, identify opportunities and to pitch businesses across the globe.

Learn to start your own agency

Are you looking to start your own agency? Our experts will walk you through all the essential of building an online agency.

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